Environmental Bulkheading Corp.
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Environmental Bulkheading Corp. is well versed in driving various types of piles. Our engineering staff, with a thorough examination of the soil borings or preliminary test piles, can properly design your pile foundation to use the most cost effective pile necessary to complete your project. Our company completes load tests when necessary up to 200% of the design load on a pile to ensure the pile conforms with building codes in the area.

Pile Types:

Timber piles - are the most cost effective pile for your foundation whether it’s for residential or commercial use up to usually 30 tons.

Steel Pipe Piles - pipe piles are a type of steel driven pile foundation used for higher capacities. Pipe piles can be driven either open ended or closed ended. Pipe piles can be filled with concrete to provide additional capacities or corrosion protection. We recommended this type of pile in battered situations.

H-Piles - are dimensionally square structural beams that are driven in the ground for deep foundation applications and to add stiffness and support to sheet pile walls and foundations, as well as soldier beam and lagging walls for support of excavation.

Concrete Piles - are piles that are reinforced with rebar and often prestressed. They are available in square, octagonal, and round cross-sections, which are used, in high capacity situations; Concrete piles offer a cost benefit to steel piles in certain foundation situations. These piles are best suited for water applications such as piers and bridges.