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Environmental Bulkheading Corp. uses tiebacks in its support of excavation (SOE) to eliminate bracing and reinforcing shoring for stability. This allows the excavation process to be free of obstructions and allow for deep excavations. Small sites benefit by becoming less cumbersome without bracing. There are several types of types of tiebacks that EBC incorporates to help in support of excavation.

Grouted Tiebacks - Grouted tiebacks consists of drilling casing into the soil or bedrock on the other side of the type of retaining structure EBC designs to support the excavation needs. Grout is then pumped under pressure into the tieback anchor holes so that rods can utilize soil resistance to prevent tieback pullout and wall destabilization. EBC can also install tiebacks using hollow bar, which is a procedure of drilling bar while simultaneously pressure grouting through the bar when drilling tieback into the soil or bedrock. Both types of tiebacks when used properly in the right conditions allow EBC to secure the retaining structure properly.

Soil Nails - EBC uses this technique to treat unstable, natural soil slopes or as a construction technique that allows the safe over-steepening of new or existing soil slopes. This technique involves the installation of closely spaced reinforcing bars (nails) in the face of the excavation or slop along with a reinforced mesh or rebar and finished off with shotcrete to create a stable slope or wall.

Helicals - An inexpensive alternate method to using other forms of drilled tiebacks. Helicals can be easily and quickly installed with low cost and very little to no soil disturbance. Helicals are very good in areas with limited access and little to no disturbance in the site.